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Why Is Whatsapp-Like Messaging App Perfect Market Square For Startups And Entrepreneurs?

As per the statistics, almost 25.2 trillion text messages were sent across versatile devices by the end of 2016. The figures are pretty enough to conclude the importance of messaging app in our daily routine. As mobile messaging applications exceed the traffic of social media, undoubtedly we can predict that chat applications are the future of smartphones and among various messaging apps in the market, WhatsApp is leading the graphs with 1 billion monthly active users globally.

By capturing almost 60% of the chat market share, WhatsApp has taken place of the most dominant messaging applications of the world. So, are you a startup and want to enter the app industry with messaging applications? Has success of other mobile app development companies in this field affected your decision? Let’s dive inside to see how you can develop a messaging app like WhatsApp, what things need to be considered and what are the factors that decide cost to develop such a social messaging app.

Why Messaging App Development Is The Best Domain To Enter In Mobile App Industry?

Messaging is one of the most significant functions that every smartphone user wants to have. Though there are applications like WhatsApp, Viber and snapchat still, people are constantly looking forward to some new and exciting features or updates these messaging apps have to offer to them.

With the innovation of technology that provides humans with almost everything, the mobile app industry is getting more focused and competitive.  Users demand applications that are fast, responsive, cheap, intuitive and compatible across multiple devices. As the majority of applications deployed in the app store are free, users are no longer interested in paying many bucks for SMS services. This leads to the hike in demand for instant messaging apps that work over mobile data and WIFI zones.

What Key Performance Indicators Any Messaging App Like Whatsapp Would Have

#1. Total No Of Active Users

The active user’s statistics states the popularity of your applications among the audience. If you want to grow a number of active users on your app, you should include a sharing feature that encourages people to invite their friends and relatives to use your app. A clear and deep understanding of app value proposition helps you to accumulate more users.

Example: Let’s consider “slack”. It is one of the powerful and successful messaging apps that promotes itself as the best team communication messaging app. It has included all the features and functionalities that will help the team to conduct effective communication while being more productive and exchange information in a swifter way.

You can also create an app that combines the hashtag and instant messaging app concept to share over social networks. Using the hashtag, you can promote your app to multiple channels.

#2. Retention Rate

Though user acquisition is most important, user retentions is also a significant aspect for the messenger. Allow your users to sync your messenger with your contact list and send a notification every time a user joins an app. You can also remind users to congratulate their friends on their special occasion via push notifications. Sending a push notification will draw users’ attention to your app and results in better retention rate.

#3. User Engagement

Despite being useful, instant messaging apps are also entertaining which acquires a wide range of users. The design is one of the most important aspects in making your app fun-loving and attractive. Create your own funny emojis and stickers to promote your app. Make use of gifs and emojis for personalizing chats. Practicing such tactics will drive more user engagement with your app.

What Key Trending Features Need To Be Integrated To Develop A Full-Scale App Like Whatsapp?

#1. File Sharing

Users are more excited to share their videos and clicks rather than sending messages and voice clips. So, integrating a file sharing feature that allows them to share documents up to 100 MB would be more profitable.

#2. Group Chat

Group chat can be more fun and lively if the group consists of an array of users. Allow inclusion of 1000 users in group chat.

#3. Sync With Facebook Profile

Once the user logs in inside the app, an app should provide an option to sync the user’s FB profile and picture in the application.

#4. Effective Image Cropping

Pictures can turn out to be more attractive and beautiful with an effective image cropping feature that helps users to trim out unwanted parts of photos and highlights only the essential part.

#5. Group Calling

How exciting would it be if a group of 20 wishes happy birthday to a friend all together at the same time? Enabling group calling will help users to communicate and exchange vital information with multiple persons at the same time.

#6. Video Trimming

How cool would it be if you could crop the favorite part of your video and send it to multiple people from the same platform. Allowing video trimming makes users feel excited to share their special moments with a wide range of users.

How Do Messengers Apps Make Money?

Messaging apps make money by:

  • Mobile app advertising where apps display advertisement in the form of in-line advertisement or banners.
  • In-app purchases like that of emojis, themes, and stickers.
  • Subscription where users are liable to pay fees for certain time duration.

How Much Budget Needs To Be Allocated For Development Of Messaging App Like Whatsapp?

Well, the cost to develop a messaging app like WhatsApp depends on the features you integrate, UI/Ux and design you develop. The cost may also vary factors like design and development timeline, app development team, development platforms like Android and iOS, backend and admin panel development, API development and integration, development of complex features and third party tools and SDK integration.

By developing such instant messaging app solutions, you can help people to conduct seamless communication and perform lots more activities that were not possible earlier. The social messaging app can make lots of dollars if it is developed correctly. Messaging apps are evolving in a most unexpected manner. So, start developing a social app and enjoy the results.

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