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10 Planning Tips for Mobile Apps Development and Marketing

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“90% app installs are as a result of just 10% apps.”

What do you infer from the above statement?

What does this mean for mobile apps development? It clearly states that out of millions of apps on the application store, only 10% apps are such that are capable of generating 90% of overall downloads. This also means that your app discovered among others is so rare that if your app is not different or does not have anything unique to offer, it will be lost amidst those millions of apps not discovered or opened.

What we have found from our extensive research on App Store and Play Store is a term called “install velocity”. Install velocity is the number of installs your app receives within short time duration. In majority of cases, gaining high install velocity is a dream, which can only come true with detailed offline advertising, PR, online advertising, and other ways. Your app ranking high on charts will certainly gain you short-term success, but for a long-term stability, your app should have a high usability value with updates or upgrades offered consistently.

Whether you consider highly successful game apps such as Subway Surf, Temple Run, Candy Crush Saga, etc., or top-notch utility apps like WhatsApp, TrueCaller, ShareIt, etc., every app has a story to tell, and no one will tell you a set strategy for guaranteed success. Your App can either break it or make it. Is there a secret to success? Not at all. However, we can help you to keep certain things in mind while planning for your own app, in order to increase the probability of success.

#1. A great product would not require too much push

The apps that have been rocking on application stores are ones full of relevant features and functionalities that a user might expect. Your app should entertain, fulfill a problem, and most importantly be original. On top of that if it is exceptional, with an extremely user-friendly interface, delivering an aesthetic user experience, then there is no way that users will refrain themselves from using the app.

#2. Viral factor within an app lets it spread like fire

Viral mechanism present within the core app functionality will let your app be viral and popular through word of mouth. The app should allow users to share it with their family, friends, relatives, colleagues, or others, for monetary rewards. This will help your app gain a tremendous amount of traction and instant boost in terms of traffic, as it will go viral just like spreading of fire.

#3. Do not compromise on the marketing front

A specific budget needs to be allocated for app marketing. Whether you opt for offline advertising like hoardings, flyers, brochures, pamphlets, television, newspaper, radio, or visiting cards; online advertising like Pay Per Click (PPC), Affiliate, Cost Per Mile (CPM), Social Media, SEO, or Blogging; ensure that you have enough funds in store, so that you do not leave any stone unturned, while releasing the first batch, as it is rightly said “First impression is last impression.”

#4. Employ professional services for best results

Web and mobile markets are two completely different areas that need to be handled differently. It can be highly challenging to market your app to both kinds of audience all by yourself. Better, opt for professional CPI, CPM, CPC, CPA services as they are specialized experts in respective marketing arenas. By this, you ensure that what you invest will certainly pay you back.

#5. Measure everything that you keep track off

Do a continuous analysis of your marketing activities. Measure statistics and be aware of what is working in favor of your app and what is not. Get on board those sources that bring you maximum traffic. Cut down on useless sources.

#6. “Free” is the golden word to gain major attention

For potential app users, the “free” word does make a big difference when compared with paid apps. Just imagine if you have to pay $0.99 for a certain popular app, but if you are getting a similar less popular app for free, which one would you prefer? Using the magic word FREE can make a big deal of difference in increasing the odds of your app downloads.

We just saw what kind of apps to create for guaranteed partial success. What about the rest? Well following the tips below will help you to understand what you need to do for marketing the apps and securing the remaining success.

#7. App Store Optimization

It is the most talked, most common, and most important method of app marketing. Give an unique app title and app description to your app, and market it to social media so that it’s easily searchable by users on App Stores.

#8. Logo, Colors, & Typography

Your app logo should be such that it should convey something about your app and entice users to download the app once they see it. Even the colors used in the logo will determine whether it will attract the audience or not.

#9. A ‘How To’ Video will do the trick

Preparing an app manual in the form of a video always works. A video explaining how to use your app, how to leverage different functionalities, and where you can find things within an app, explained in an understandable language will do magic with the download rate of the app.

#10. Ratings & Reviews

Positive reviews and ratings escalate an app reputation largely. They always garner user attention as people are inclined to see what others say about the app, whether good or bad. Integrating social elements make it go viral.

Summing up…

The above ten points related to App Development and App Marketing can help you reserve your own branded space in the Application Store. A great development and marketing team make things easy to implement and have your app outperform the similar kind of apps on App Store with great ease and success. What are you waiting for? What are your thoughts on the above tips we have presented? Do comment and we will have an in-depth discussion on it.

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