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10 Apps That Should Be on an Entrepreneur’s Phone

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Nowadays even those entrepreneurs who don’t directly deal with IT, the Internet and latest technological advances are getting increasingly tech-savvy. More and more often they resort to software and clever mobile apps to help them out in their everyday lives: both to run their businesses more efficiently and to improve their work/life balance. However, with almost 1,5 million apps just in Apple’s App Store, it is growing increasingly difficult to find anything worthwhile in all this multitude.

That’s what we intend to help you with. In this article we will tell you about 10 apps that every entrepreneur would be wise to have.

#1. Evernote

Evernote is an app that can be incredibly useful for anybody, but in the case of entrepreneurs it is particularly obvious – especially if you go to the expense of getting a premium version. Not only does it allow you to make notes at any moment, organize them in any way you want and keep them all in one easily accessible location, but also saves previous versions of one and the same note and lets you share your notes with colleagues and employees. In other words, it is a universal organizational app that will help you keep your life and work in order no matter what you do.

#2. Full Fitness

It may look as if it doesn’t belong here, but it isn’t true. Entrepreneurs usually lead hectic and nervous lives, their work occupies most of their time, which makes maintaining one’s health and fitness even more difficult than for most people. In this situation any help you can get is extremely valuable, and Full Fitness is excellent in this respect because it allows you to keep track of all your workouts and exercises with minimal effort.

You don’t have to hire a personal coach or scour fitness websites in search for exercises that would suit you – one app will cover all your fitness needs.


#3. TrackMaven

TrackMaven is digital marketing software that analyzes content on your website and on websites of your competitors across 15 online channels, streamlining your ability to keep track of it and eliminating the need to constantly consult with multiple disconnected sources. It is easily customizable as well – you can select only the important things to be alerted about and eliminate everything superficial.

#4. Humin

Achieving success (both business success and success in more general terms) is all about making right connections. Truly successful businessmen are constantly networking, making new acquaintances, establishing business and personal contacts, finding new partners and so on. An active entrepreneur is constantly meeting a lot of new people – so much so that it is often hard to keep track of all of them, where you’ve met them and under what circumstances.

Humin takes this responsibility off your shoulders – when you add information about a new contact in this app, it automatically records all the minutest details of how and where you’ve met this person without disrupting the process of communication per se.

#5. Genius Scan

Sometimes the progress of one’s work can be set back by the simplest and most ridiculous thing – such as the lack of scanner at hand. Genius Scan will save the expense of buying one, as it allows you to shoot a picture of any document you want and immediately send it to any of your contacts as a pdf file. The only thing it can’t do for you is to print it out, but it is the phone’s shortcoming, not the app’s.

#6. Basecamp

Every entrepreneur who has to manage projects and coordinate the efforts of a team with multiple members would certainly appreciate the functionality and user-friendliness of Basecamp. What is the best about it is that it was clearly developed with the idea of maximum simplicity in mind – you can start using it today without any preparation and spending not more than 10 minutes learning its basic functions. It is all too often a problem with organization apps that they are more complicated than work processes they are meant to simplify – but Basecamp is different.

#7. GoDaddy Bookkeeping

GoDaddy Bookkeeping is an ideal bookkeeping tool for small businesses and self-employed individuals who want to carefully keep track of their finances. It simple and intuitive interface doesn’t compromise its functionality in any way – you may get started with the basics immediately and pick up the rest as you go along.

#8. MindMeister

Mind mapping is an incredibly effective, efficient and popular technique aimed at improving one’s creativity and productivity – and MindMeister is a leading app in this category, with more than 4 million users all over the world. Among other things, it provides you with comfortable means of drawing, sharing and working on mind maps in teams. The fact that there are versions both for iOS and Android makes it even more flexible.

#9. EchoSign

EchoSign provides you with a digital method of collecting signatures on purchase orders and contracts and storing them online. It is an incredibly useful and convenient thing to do – it saves enormous amounts of paper and paperwork, time, eliminates the need in a fax number and, in general, allows for a much faster and smoother processing of orders.

#10. TripIt

TripIt is absolutely indispensable for entrepreneurs who have to travel a lot, as it keeps all your travel information in a single easily accessible place. Everything you may need – hotel reservations, plane tickets, car rentals – can be accessed and viewed with a single tap. An especially nice touch is that you don’t have to input all this info manually – simply forward email receipts to the email provided by the app, and they will be automatically updated.

You may love or hate the fact that we are getting so dependent on technology to do things that we used to do on our own, but one thing can be said for certain – it makes an entrepreneur’s life a hell of a lot easier and more comfortable than it used to be.

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