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Best Time Management Apps

The Best Time-Management Apps for Better Work-Life Balance

Are there never enough hours in a day? Strike that.  There are enough hours in a day, just not enough to get everything done. If you need help keeping things in check, here are the best time management app you can use. From blocking incoming emails to eliminate distractions, these apps will help you strike […]
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Balancing your Career and Parenthood

So how do you balance your work and ultimately your career when you start a new family? I am keen to hear your thoughts, as I find this can be a tricky balancing act! Here is my typical day and how I am attempting to do it!
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Are you smarter than a 4 year old?

I think I’d say no. I may have more knowledge, but very often it is that knowledge that holds me back. I have a four year old that lives every day believing anything is possible and any obstacle in his way is in fact a tool which he can use to create something positive. Yes, children make great inspirational business coaches...
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