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How Freelance Workers Can Help Your Business

If you find yourself putting off tiresome chores because you just don’t have the time, or it’s not your strong point, then it builds up until it’s a nagging worry in the back of your mind. If there’s not enough work to be done that warrants hiring somebody to do this on a regular basis, then it’s time to think outside the box and consider hiring a virtual assistant to get the job done.
May 29, 2012 1,343 Reads share


The Reality of Virtual Workers; An Interview with UK Accountants, Richard Place Dobson

Well, UK accountancy practice, Richard Place Dobson has long since embraced the paperless office and for the past three months one of their senior practice accountants, Jennifer Watson, has worked for this UK firm from her home in the south-east of Ireland. This interview looks at how virtual working actually works, both from the perspective of the employer and the employee.
January 27, 2012 2,251 Reads share