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Improve Page Speed for SERP

Leverage Faster Page Speed to Improve Search Engine Rankings

Page speed is one of the most important factors that Google takes into account while ranking. Therefore it becomes imperative that pages are optimized to have low page load time. But before we get into how to speed up your website, let’s first understand what Page Speed is, and how it can help you establish […]
September 11, 2018 751 Reads share


5 Easy Ways To Improve Your Website User Experience

Optimizing website user experience is one of the primary building blocks to a healthy online marketing campaign. Here are a few aspects to look out for when it comes to creating the best user experience of your businesses’ website.
May 15, 2017 564 Reads share


UI vs UX: A Minor Dispute With Major Differences

Today, we will be clearing the air surrounding what we know as User Interface (UI), and User Experience (UX). Before that, we just want you to first understand that if your app creates confusion in terms of looks, or hard in terms of usability, then users will abandon it.
August 2, 2016 547 Reads share