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Is Your WordPress Website Legal? Here’s You Should Know

Being a WordPress website owner, you are very much aware of the GDPR guidelines as many people are working on being compliant to it. The General Data Protection Regulation is passed by the European Union to explain some of the best ways to make your WordPress site compliant with the rules without causing any trouble. […]
March 21, 2019 616 Reads share

How to Network at Business Events if You’re an Introvert

The world goes more and more digital today, and most business owners don’t need face-to-face communication for efficient work because they can organize this process online. All business aspects – marketing, SEO, branding, planning, social media promotion, sales – flourish even if a team of specialists working on them lives in different hemispheres of the […]
January 8, 2019 469 Reads share


Consultancy Engagement And Scope Control

Consultants are often engaged to help a company when specific expertise is required. For that engagement to be a success, it is vital that the engaging company ensures that the scope of the work is defined and...
January 13, 2011 1,063 Reads share


Customer Loyalty – It’s all about CRM

CRM is not just a concept for big business. It applies to all businesses but it has become, like so many other things, over-engineered on the back of product developments. It is about knowing and understanding your customer to deliver a greater benefit to you business.
March 18, 2010 1,104 Reads share


Are you smarter than a 4 year old?

I think I’d say no. I may have more knowledge, but very often it is that knowledge that holds me back. I have a four year old that lives every day believing anything is possible and any obstacle in his way is in fact a tool which he can use to create something positive. Yes, children make great inspirational business coaches...
March 16, 2010 1,011 Reads share


What free or cost effective Business tools did you use this year?

I thought I’d share my favourite business tools I have used this year. I am amazed at how many amazing products for business are very inexpensive or often completely free. The only challenge is to find them in the first place. Here are my top 5 business tools of 2009.....
December 18, 2009 1,020 Reads share