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Employers Can Create Happier Workplace

How Employers Can Create A Happier Workplace

1. Encourage Collaboration Through Team-Building Activities A typical job can become monotonous, especially if one is tasked with the same assignments over and over.  Some of these tasks are not only repetitive but also restrictive, thus resulting in a loss in morale over time. Team building activities, however, help break the monotony by giving your […]
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5 Ways to Cultivate an Incredible Workplace

Why do people want to work where they work? What makes them want to return to a particular workplace? Right now there’s a ton of competition for good employees in the job market. There are more jobs openings than there are workers. Employers are scrambling to keep employees on board through non-compete clauses, which are […]
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small business growth

10 Tips for Growing Your Small Business While Avoiding Failure

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, just about 50% of new businesses survive for more than five years. Ten years along the line, only about 30% survive. The odds are stacked against small businesses surviving. So, how do you even the odds? How do you survive when so many other small businesses fail? […]
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Fascinating Team Building Tactics That Can Help Your Business Grow

Team building efforts in business often vary dependent on the type of organization, the number of individuals in a team, as well as misunderstandings of the team concept.  In this summation post I preview some fascinating team building tactics that have worked, and, as the authors indicate, why other team building efforts work less well […]
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