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Back to Basics

I have been involved with the successful 020 London for the last six years and recently I have worked hard to help set up Whatswhat.ie and put that on the right path for future successes...
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The skills associated with project management are directly relevant to services businesses. The management form is often seen as being associated with IT and Engineering, but every business can benefit from understanding how to deliver their projects more effectively.
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The Silent Partners

We often think of the real helpers as banks, enterprise boards, mentors, coaches, and they are always in our sights as we drive our new business out of the safety of our dreams into broad daylight. If you are starting a business, or in the process of expanding, think of the silent partners helping you quietly propel your business and your confidence to the next level.
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Achtung: Baby Businesses

I may be slightly biased here as I am a big fan of Germany and I have always enjoyed visiting and spending time with my German friends.
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Customer Loyalty – It’s all about CRM

CRM is not just a concept for big business. It applies to all businesses but it has become, like so many other things, over-engineered on the back of product developments. It is about knowing and understanding your customer to deliver a greater benefit to you business.
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