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The Ghost of Business Past

This is the time of the year where most people have moments of nostalgia; we look back on the past with Rose Tinted glasses and reminisce about the good old days, phrases such as ‘no school like the old school’ and ‘they were the good old days’ float around.
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What Makes A Good Boss?

A good boss, like anything other good experience we have in life, can leave a lasting impression on us. But unlike horror stories often recounted about ‘bad’ bosses we don’t hear that many great stories about the ‘good’ boss.
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Workplace bullying – Do not stand alone

Before you consider taking action, it is best to talk it over with someone. It’s always a possibility that what may seem like bullying may in fact not be. For example changes within the organization can create stress on all levels (staff, supervisors, managers etc), and so stress may be causing some short term issues and demands. If you are finding it difficult to cope, perhaps take the time to talk to your manager or supervisor, who may well be as concerned as you are. Sometimes in situations like this communication can be the way to make changes.
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Slow Down….

Life today seems to move at a hectic pace, with many of us rushing from one activity to the next. But this type of life can only lead to stress and learning to slow down is vital
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Less Mess = Less Stress

A clean and tidy desk will reduce stress and boost good time management. Some study suggests that about 15% of our time is wasted looking for misplaced files, paperwork or that post it that you scribbled someone’s phones number or email address on.
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