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strategic planning mistakes to avoid

Top 5 Mistakes in Strategic Planning and Ways to Avoid Them

When you surf the web, you can find a few statistics revealing the percentage of failed strategies in organizations. In 2019 these numbers vary from as little as 70% to more than 85%. Although exact figures are unknown to us, the problem is obvious. This is not surprising as developing a strategic plan is indeed […]
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Believing These 7 Myths About Strategic Planning Keeps You From Growing

As the year closes, you might find yourself imagining what could happen next. Just think...an untouched year of building on your existing foundation. Strategic planning is all about what your business will become and a crucial piece of preparation. So, why do so many of us believe myths about strategic planning that actually keep our companies from growing? Here are 7 myths to debunk in your own small to mid-sized business.
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Growing Pains And How To Manage Them

Undoubtedly, the time needed to build strong scaffolding for your business growth plan is time well-spent, so don’t put your growth strategy on hold. Meeting clients experiencing the discomfort of growth regularly, I know only too well how difficult it may seem to take time ‘out’ to do the labour-intensive work of planning.
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The Mindset Of An Entrepreneur

Becoming self employed after being in employment is not an easy task, by any standards, but if I had to say ONLY one thing… if you have a dream, the energy, the FIRE, to create something and make money from it...
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