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Anti Social Media

Okay so social media has taken the business world by storm. Many of us have embraced Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Despite some mistakes along the way we have learned that social media...
November 12, 2010 1,300 Reads share


The Secrets to Writing Good Content for the Web

When thinking about updating or creating a website, the first thing most business owners do is consult with a web designer. While this is advisable as good design attracts the eye, the business owner must not forget the words that are used on a website...
September 6, 2010 1,331 Reads share


How Can I Look Amazing On LinkedIn?

As I referred to on a previous post (LinkedIn? Locked Out More Like) many people join LinkedIn because they have heard it is an important place to be as a business professional...
September 2, 2010 1,701 Reads share


Is email bad for your health?

Last week I was listening to the latest This Week in Tech podcast, in which one of the guests was speaking about the concept of Email Apena - a temporary absence or suspension of breathing...
July 9, 2010 1,523 Reads share


How to Create a Successful LinkedIn Group

Linkedin groups recently had a makeover. I currently manage a number of LinkedIn Groups including Social Media Ireland & Sales Leadership Ireland. In my my post 50 ways to get more from Linkedin, I mentioned that creating a successful Linkedin group is an really great way of using Linkedin to network. Here are some pointers to get you started.
June 30, 2010 1,426 Reads share