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The Future Of E-Commerce – Where Intention Meets Social

I read an article just today where it was confirmed that Facebook are currently testing a new feature that – in my opinion - may become as popular and ubiquitous as the ‘Like’ button. This feature is the ‘Want’ button, and is a way for users to announce their desire or interest in a particular product or service within the walls of the social network. The ‘Want’ button should function in the same way as the Like button. If you ‘want’ a product, you hit the button in much the same way as you hit ‘Like’ to publicly announce your approval or admiration for a particular status update.
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Shell’s Arctic Ready Campaign: Epic Social Media Fail?

If you go to the A company’s worst nightmare right? An attempt to engage your audience by encouraging user generated content gone horribly wrong! So what happens next? Go see what the company is saying on Twitter of course! Related: What Can Kellogg’s QR Code Campaign Teach Us About Marketing? Shell’s social media team on Twitter […]
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Beware The Promoted Tweet: Hashtags Gone Wrong!

The use of hashtags is a great idea because Twitter users can make them their own and generate conversation (and content) around them, connecting with not only the brand but also each other. However, be warned, promoted hashtags should be approached with care, specifically because Twitter uses can make them their own …
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Google+ Launches Business Pages

On Monday 7th November Google announced its launch of Google+ pages for all, with a roll out to happen gradually over the next couple of days – although many had immediate access on the Monday.
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Content Planning: How To Get Started

In same way that a project manager creates a project plan with deliverables, milestones and due dates, the content plan takes the same approach but focuses on content as the deliverable.
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Why Social Media Are Not a Strategy

I want to put it on record that yes, many businesses can absolutely afford not to "do" social media. In fact, I would go so far as to say that for some businesses, engagement in social media is actually damaging.
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You’re Using Twitter The Wrong Way

We can start to look at Twitter through a different lens. Rather than seeing it as a place to pass the time, it becomes an instrument to network more effectively. What’s wrong with that
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Do You Have A Facebook Posting Policy?

The first time I encountered a Facebook page with posting guidelines for the community I assumed that it was there for legal reasons. Having had to recently deal with low level spamming on my own page, and at times being indecisive of how to deal with it, the idea of posting guidelines suddenly made sense.
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