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Listening is the Key to Extending Your Reach on Social Media

Why Listening is the Key to Extending Your Reach on Social Media

Social media is no longer just a tool to promote your business anymore, but a chance to build meaningful relationships with prospects and clients. If you want to extend your reach on social media, then it’s crucial you recognize this shift in consumer attitude. According to a recent study, 71% of people who’ve had a […]
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8 Steps to Optimize Your Strategy on Social Networks

8 Steps to Optimize Your Strategy on Social Networks

Defining a communication strategy for social networks is essential. Many companies have adopted them because they are unavoidable. But they do not necessarily have the time or the expertise to think about an adequate social media strategy. Yet these digital tools are extraordinary levers for the marketing of any company, whatever its sector and its objectives. Here are some ways to manage your […]
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Get proactive with your social media engagement.


5 Reasons Why Your Social Media Strategies Aren’t Working

Everyone knows that social media offers businesses and individuals an excellent opportunity to market themselves more effectively and engage with customers, clients and fans in an eminently direct manner. However, understanding its power is not enough to secure success in the social realm; you also need the right strategies to turn your presence on popular […]
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10 Steps Formula to Better Socialize Your Business

Today, on-an-average, seven out of ten Americans use social media platforms to connect with others, engage with newsworthy content, share the information and get entertained. According to the Pew Research Center study, back in 2005, it was just 5% of American adults who were using at least one of the social media channel, but today, […]
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How To Achieve A Sustainable Social Media Strategy? Just STOP!

Social media is one of the most talked about buzz words of the 21st Century – and rightly so! It has transformed the way we (customers) think and you (businesses) act! It’s no longer as simple as going to the local store for the product we want/need. We now research the options available to us, ask our peers what they think of it and then we see where we can purchase it to get the best value.
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