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Top 32 Best Small Business Websites, Tools And Apps

Many small business owners, especially those who own small businesses, often have no idea where to get the best business products they need. We have compiled a list of top 32 amazing products every small business owner should know: 1. ZenDesk Use this tool to help you provide better customer service. You can streamline your own response time and […]
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8 Key Reasons Why Small Businesses Fail

Making a success of a personal business venture is not easy. 80% of small companies eventually fail, according to a BBC report of 2010. So why do new companies struggle, and how can small company owners try and ensure they become one of the ‘other 20%’.
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Finding The Funds To Grow Your Small Business

When business is booming and customers are in surplus, life for the entrepreneur is good…but not stress free. Ironically a busy business can cause headaches for the small business owner that can’t match working capital with increasing demand.
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Does Your Small Business Have A Back-Up Plan?

And while it’s tough to imagine your venture ever going south, it’s well worth it to account for rough times. If you’re lucky, your business will thrive and grow without a hitch. But if you run into some trouble along the way, you’ll be glad you made a back-up plan.
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7 Ways Your Mobile App Can Hook Your Users


Becoming CEO Of Your Small Business Means Finding Right Habits

You know those posts that tell you the traits of successful people? This is isn't one of those posts. Often what is left out is the work and habits successful small business owners use to create their success. So, when you ask yourself, "what am I going to do?", remember they had to do the work of finding what works for them. Becoming CEO of your small business means finding your "right" habits.
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6 Ways An Excel Spreadsheet Can Help Your Freelance Writing Business

This may come of as a surprise, but I'm NOT about to discuss using Excel for budgeting, estimating rates or any other stuff related to your finances as a freelancer. I think that you've got that part pretty figured out. This post, therefore, is going to be a little different. I promise to make the list much less obvious and also really handy at the same time.
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