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E-A-T: What It Is and How It Impacts Your SEO

One thing that has remained consistent over the years with Google’s core updates is that good content will always be rewarded. E-A-T was introduced in late 2018 to help assist their quality raters in assessing Google search quality. Basically, how to provide users with content that is expertly written, authoritative, and trusted. Upon the release […]
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How Hackers Can Impact Your Website’s SEO

According to the 2019 Website Threat Research Report, at 62%, SEO spam was the most common threat found on compromised websites. Security must be paramount, not just for protecting information, but also for preserving SEO value.  When websites are breached, they usually consider the financial and technical implications. But SEO attacks are real too. And […]
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What Does an SEO Company Do and Why Do You Need One?

Here are the few common questions many businesses have related to SEO agency: “What is an SEO company?” “What are SEO services?” “What does an SEO company do?” “Why do I need to invest in one for my business?” SEO is the lifeblood to digital businesses, without which no business can strive to rank on […]
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6 Evergreen eCommerce Lead Generation Strategies

Lead generation is undeniably the most crucial customer acquisition strategy for an eCommerce business. Relying only on your product/service quality is like living in the dark.  You will be surprised to know that only 4% of people visiting your website are potential buyers. Your customers need to know who you are, where you are, and […]
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The Positive and Negative Effects of Outsourcing SEO Projects

In past years, Search Engine Optimization was just seen as a project that could help a company grow and be more in tune with their online presence. However, SEO has now evolved into a necessary tool that makes up the digital marketing backbone of a lot of enterprises and big companies. Consumers rely on online […]
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Best Ways to Boost Your Travel Website SEO

Today, the travel business is one of the most competitive ones and therefore, you need to have a website that has the potential to attract loads of qualified traffic. When it comes to your travel business, it is not only competitive with other companies in your industry but with other, numerous business models targeted similar […]
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Voice Search and Other Trending Updates to Boost SEO

You will be surprised to know that more than 50% of all online searches in 2019 will be done following nontraditional methods such as mobile searches and voice searches. This indicates that, as an SEO, you will need to be prepared to use these in your SEO strategy to stay competitive. You will need to […]
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Search Engine Optimization Tips for Total Beginners

People who lack the necessary technical background and proficiency perceive SEO as a highly complex online marketing tactic. In truth, there are plenty of things you can achieve, even without in-depth knowledge and experience. If you already have a website or if you plan on building one, you should also start creating your SEO plan. […]
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How to Optimize for Voice Search and Virtual Assistant

According to various estimates, as low as 4% of businesses with a physical presence are optimized for voice search and virtual assistant. That number is even lower in countries like the United Arab Emirates (UAE).  Based off of those statistics, your businesses probably falls in the other 96%. And if this is true, then it’s […]
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