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Effectively Manage a Distributed Workforce

5 Tips to Effectively Manage a Distributed Workforce

More and more people are choosing to work remotely, abandoning the traditional nine to five for a more flexible work environment. With the help of the internet, people can work from home, cafes, and even out of the country as they travel to different places. We call them digital nomads, and they’re pretty much living […]
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Encouraging Your Employer to Opt Remote Collaboration Tools

Collaboration Tool which Transforms your Home into the Workplace   Remote collaboration is transforming the home into a workplace. You just have to sit in front of your personal system as you have the competency of functioning away from the workshop without any security breach. You can easily check the documents, work on a particular […]
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Offshore Dev Team


Here’s How To Tire And Manage Offshore Dev Teams

Hiring and managing an offshore development team can be a real challenge. Some companies love the idea of outsourcing, while others are resisting with everything they’ve got. One of the major reasons for this negative sentiment towards remote teams is because they are perceived as being out of step and removed from the daily operations […]
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3 Signs Your Team Shouldn’t Be Working Remotely

A poorly functioning remote team can eat away at your effectiveness and completely destroy productivity. If even one of these problems is a persistent issue in your company, you’re better off calling the team home and focusing on working together in person.
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