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8 Key Factors That Influence a Property’s Value

Whether you’re planning to buy or sell an investment property or home, it would work wonders for you if you knew the worth your intended property. The question is, how would you form an accurate approximation of the real value of the property? From supply and demand through to location, size, investment potential and planned […]
April 23, 2020 561 Reads share

How Property Managers Are Using Mobile Tech to Attract Tenants

In recent years, businesses have gone digital, and people rely on mobile devices for daily activities. By contrast, the rental real estate market has been slow to keep up. Many modern property managers and owners still use antiquated record-keeping solutions, tracking tenant relationships through Excel spreadsheets. That no longer has to be the case. With […]
November 8, 2019 468 Reads share

Why Embracing Real Estate Property Management Software for More Gains

It is easier to find the best real estate property management software at present with the advancing technologies and more emerging system developers. This may be an advantage since you would find it easier to select an automation solution for your real estate business. Nonetheless, it could be riskier at the same time since you […]
October 16, 2019 467 Reads share


Investing in Real Estate? Here’s What Your Budget Can Buy

  Have a budget, ready to invest? There are many options out there: apartments, hotels, offices; but what about a retirement home or shopping? Smart choices depend on your budget, your knowledge of the market and the short or long-term outlook. This guide to investing by budget is here to help you figure what’s the […]
February 5, 2019 1,042 Reads share
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Considering a Real Estate Business? Here’s a Blueprint for Success

Smart entrepreneurs always keep an eye out for new opportunities to nurture and grow additional income streams. Really smart entrepreneurs do their research before diving in – no matter how good the opportunity. In this article I’ll outline some of the reasons real estate has made it onto my radar. I’ll also highlight the experiences […]
February 4, 2019 840 Reads share
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A Personal Marketing Plan For Real Estate Agents

Regardless of skill level, experience, niche or what have you, one of the most important aspects for a successful real estate agent is to focus on attracting valuable clients. Lead generation is a top priority, with the Placester 2018 Marketing Strategy Survey Report revealing that the top goals for agents included generating more leads from […]
August 15, 2018 1,657 Reads share