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Renew Your Product Portfolio with these 2 Approaches

2 Approaches to Renew Your Product Portfolio

Today, marketers find themselves amidst a market which is rapidly evolving and increasingly competitive. To match the expected targets and level of efficiency, companies are constantly on the lookout for better strategies that will enhance their growth holistically. In many cases, the mere presence of well-defined strategies does not make the desired difference. Their implementation […]
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Taking A Brilliant Idea To Market: The Ready Girls Story

Every day people come up with new ideas for business, some will remain a dream whereas others will become a reality. Aileen Rogers of Ready Girls is one of those people who took her idea from concept through to a product which currently retails through a large number of pharmacies here in Ireland and through her website also. It took time to bring the product to market but hers is a story that proves when an idea is right, with the right planning, assistance and sheer hard work you can deliver the goods. I've interviewed Aileen as I think hers is a story worth sharing whatever stage of the business journey you're on.
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