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Assertive Aesthetics: How to Structure a Great Business Presentation

Business presentations are never the easiest piece of work to put together. Finding the balance between including all the information you need without boring your audience is always a challenge. Here are a few ways in which you can structure a great business presentation to keep your audience engaged and cover all the information you […]
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Presenting With Confidence

By Lyndon Nicholson   It’s easy, right? Just stand up there and picture all your audience naked. There, done. An article over and you can all have confidence when presenting.   Unfortunately, that is the worst bit of advice that I have ever received and only served to make me feel a bit sick when […]
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I Am A Presenter, Get Me Out Of Here!

One of the top human fears is the fear of public speaking. Another is the fear of death. But imagine that for some, the No. 1 fear can be actually dying whilst speaking in public. If the thought of standing up in front of a crowd is worse than death itself, read on for some tips on how to overcome that.
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Presentation Tips – The GROW Model

Do you struggle with the thought of presenting? Speaking in public? Standing up in a meeting to demo something or show some charts? Well read on and learn how you can make it easier for yourself
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