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How to use Pinterest for Your Business now That it’s Public

Pinterest, the social media site that works like a search engine, is now a publicly-traded company. What this means is the way you used the site to gain free organic traffic will change in the future. Here’s what changes to look for and how to continue to use Pinterest for your business. Pinterest IPO Pinterest’s […]
August 8, 2019 634 Reads share


Place Pins: Pinteresting Ways Of Travel Marketing

When any person is planning a trip somewhere, what she looks for most is a visual of it. You just can’t expect anyone to choose a place without knowing anything about how it appears. At least not in these days, when the internet and social media are at their peak.
August 4, 2014 872 Reads share

8 Lessons And Tips To Explode Your Pinterest Marketing

Through both personal and professional experience I’ve seen the results of a wide range of clients and websites and their efforts to use Pinterest as a viable marketing tool. Some have failed miserably while others have seen repins and website visitors in the hundreds of thousands.
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What Not To Do On Pinterest

Pinterest has its do’s and don’ts. Not following the written and unwritten rules means that your presence will look less than professional so do ensure that you are following the correct pinetiquette.
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