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Time Management Strategies for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners


20 Powerful Time Management Tips For Your Small Business

As a small business owner and entrepreneur, free time is likely something that’s difficult to come by. What you have plenty of, however, are tasks to accomplish and deadlines to meet. So, how can you better accomplish these tasks in a shorter amount of time? Time management is the art of doing more with everyday. […]
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Workplace bullying – Do not stand alone

Before you consider taking action, it is best to talk it over with someone. It’s always a possibility that what may seem like bullying may in fact not be. For example changes within the organization can create stress on all levels (staff, supervisors, managers etc), and so stress may be causing some short term issues and demands. If you are finding it difficult to cope, perhaps take the time to talk to your manager or supervisor, who may well be as concerned as you are. Sometimes in situations like this communication can be the way to make changes.
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Balancing your Career and Parenthood

So how do you balance your work and ultimately your career when you start a new family? I am keen to hear your thoughts, as I find this can be a tricky balancing act! Here is my typical day and how I am attempting to do it!
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Is beauty only skin deep?

A few weeks ago I submitted a post on the correlation between confidence and success, and was surprised to find how many responded and expanded on this concept. This post is a follow up as such, and discusses the impact of beauty in the world and how it affects our success rate and confidence levels.
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