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How to Use Content Marketing to Build Your Personal Brand

The internet is a great leveler between huge brands and the average joe. Even if you don’t have a hefty marketing budget, you now have the opportunity to build a formidable personal brand. What does personal branding mean, anyway? In essence, it’s how people perceive you and your work. Corporate businesses still play the aggressive […]
October 18, 2018 1,836 Reads share


Get Working On Your ‘Digital Edge’ To Excel Online

The online world presents a vast opportunity for businesses to increase their overall visibility and boost their sales, leads and inquiries. This goes for both online-only and ecommerce operations, as well as bricks and mortar businesses with an online presence. Much is made of social media, online advertising and building your profile - and rightly so! But as more and more businesses embrace online (albeit slowly), is it time to start pushing the boat out when it comes to your own online efforts?
May 28, 2012 790 Reads share


Boost Your Personal Profile To Grow Your SME Business

Why should people buy from your company? Sure, you’ll need to have a mix of compelling offers, superior service, value for money, easy access and so forth. But increasingly that’s not enough. Your company may need a ‘personal’ credibility boost to win more business.
April 5, 2012 956 Reads share


A Fine Line:’Personal Brand’ Vs. Personal Achievement

I think we can all name dozens of people that are everywhere on the web etc. without knowing what they actually contribute. This is their absolute entitlement – but one has to ask: are you more worried about how well-known you are or for what reason you have a reputation albeit large or small.
March 26, 2012 1,173 Reads share