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Decoding Mobile App Myths


Decoding The Mobile App Myths

The development of a mobile app is quite an easy task.  Mobile app development is cheap A mobile app can be developed in just a few days. The users can easily find & download mobile applications.   Are these statements True or Myths? These are some of the myths about mobile apps that all individuals […]
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Are Outdoor Apps the Next Big Thing


Are Outdoor Apps the Next Big Thing?

“Something is really happening in the industry; something bigger than us,” said Ariel Cohen, co-founder of TripActions, a travel company that raised $154 million in financing Series C in 2018. The statistics support Cohen’s assertion, too. More than $1 billion has been invested in travel companies over the last couple of years. Venture capitalists continue […]
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What Determines the Success of your Mobile App

What Determines the Success of your Mobile App?

In today’s modern world, the mobile app market has seen enormous growth. The Internet can be accessed easily on smartphones and tablets, rather than on a computer. And since many prefer using the web on their smartphone, most of the businesses today are focusing on offering an excellent mobile experience to its customers. With over […]
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developing mobile apps for evolving businesses


How to Develop apt Mobile Apps for the Evolving On-demand Business

    Before diving into the topic of mobile app development, let us see first about the present on-demand market and go through some stats for clear understanding. See, more than 200 billion apps were downloaded globally in 2018. These apps are used for gaming, advertising, productivity, service providing, information sharing, and many more. Now […]
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Easy Steps To Build Your First Flutter App

Since the day Google released Flutter, it has managed to stay in the spotlight for one reason or another. To be honest, the growth of the flutter framework has surprised the majority of people in the tech industry. Even though this innovative technology has been in the market for just a couple of years, Flutter […]
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Besides Mobile App Development Other Principles for Driving Business Growth

In this mobile world, when everyone is using smartphones every company develop mobile applications for the promotion of their brand. In the business versatility mean a lot, to take your business to the next level there should be multi-talented and multi-skilled everything.  Thinking of the entrepreneur must be versatile. In your career as the businessman […]
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How Can App Design Boost Your Conversion Rate?

  If you haven’t yet started an app development for your business, you might not have tasted enough success. Also, if you have started but your app is not doing much, then this post is a boon for you. Wake up, folks!! This post is completely devoted to – how an app design can boost […]
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The Potential of Augmented Reality Marketing

The marketing industry has undergone dramatic changes with the influx of technology in recent years, but none has had such an impact on the industry as the blockchain. According to a report published in July 2018 by MarketsandMarkets Research, the implementation of blockchain technology in the media, advertising, and entertainment industries is anticipated to rise […]
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The 10 Biggest Announcements From Google

Anything that Google does directly affects our life as it’s now become an integral part of our lifestyle. Google in its I/O 2016 announces some of the big promises and reveals its new innovations that are going to transform the human — technology interaction. From virtual reality to Artificial Intelligence and from tech devices to […]
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