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5 Sectors Where Machine Learning Is Making an Impact

At the start of the year, Coronavirus (COVID-19) was making a few headlines and causing some concern around the world. Now countries everywhere are acting to prevent the spread of the virus. This includes closing schools and businesses, encouraging people to stay home (and work from home), and providing unprecedented economic support. When humanity comes […]
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How AI Helps Decision Makers Fuel the Future of Business

Artificial Intelligence encompasses numerous critical fields that businesses need to study before the implementation of their processes. NLP (Natural Language Processing) and ML (Machine Learning) are popular AI technologies in the corporate sector. Due to the heavy flow of data in recent times, there are now different technologies available to analyze this data. Big Data […]
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AI and Machine Learning is Reshaping Email Marketing


How AI and Machine Learning is Reshaping Email Marketing

The world of digital marketing has seen the rise of several marketing channels, but email marketing still remains a crucial marketing tool for SMBs for its cost-effective methodology and direct approach. A report by eMarketer shows that over 80% of marketers consider email as the most effective way to gain prospective customers and keep current […]
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Small Businesses Should Deploy AI and Machine Learning

When and Where Small Businesses Should Deploy AI and Machine Learning?

Technological evolutions have enabled businesses of varying types to enhance their products and service quality and improve the operations in big ways. It is no longer only about using the latest software or having a stunning app to woo the customers. Companies of varying types are leaning towards the adoption of AI technology solutions. AI […]
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Advanced Smart Robots ease Human Efforts

Advanced Smart Robots: The key to ease Human Efforts & Boost Productivity

Rapid innovations in smart robotics providing high potential and different features are proving to be useful in decreasing human efforts and improving productivity. Artificial Intelligence (AI) system used in smart robots has helped the robots to learn from its environment and its experience. In the future, the collaboration of robots and humans could be helpful […]
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Solve Your Business Challenges With AI

Solve Your Unsolved Business Challenges With AI

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are two of the most popular and powerful technologies in the world at present. In fact, it is believed that the market of AI and ML is forecasted to grow in huge numbers. In fact, even the voice searches are forecasted to grow at approximately 270% across India. In fact, […]
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analytics construction industry

How the Construction Industry is affected by Big Data and Analytics

The construction industry is one of the oldest and most significant industries in the world. Although in the last couple of years, the global economy faced some issues, still the total construction starts in 2019 were predicted to be worth just above $800 billion in the US only as per a Dodge Data and Analytics’ […]
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Graphcore’s IPU Architecture Allows AI Chips to Enter a New Era

Graphcore aims to revolutionize the AI chip market, by investing in a new IPU architecture and the world’s first software toolchain designed specifically for machine intelligence. Conventional Artificial Intelligence (AI) chips feature a traditional GPU architecture, which was originally developed for graphics rendering purposes. The reason why chips with such architecture functions in simulating intelligence […]
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