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Startup Arena

Advice for Entrepreneurs Entering the Startup Arena

2018 is an exciting year to enter the startup arena. The economy is cooking. The gig economy is maturing. And the barriers to entry have never been lower – especially in the digital arena. So, if the entrepreneurial bug has bitten you, what’s your next move? Where do you go to get the information you […]
July 16, 2018 819 Reads share


Getting The Most Out Of Your Reading

One of the areas I've struggled with and continue to struggle with, is how to get the most out of a good book, especially one in which I'm learning lots of new things that I might be able to apply in my life. The essence of the post is an overview of a technique called a "Net Out", in which you "distill the key insights from the book and then determine what you are going to do differently in your life as a result".
August 9, 2011 854 Reads share


Coaching As Part Of The Training Process

We all know that training is an integral part of our personal and professional development. But what about coaching? Coaching has been perceived as a lot of things, but up to recently, has rarely been synonymous...
May 2, 2011 1,577 Reads share