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Acing a Job Interview: Ideas and Tips You Might Need

Getting a job is quite complicated and challenging. Getting a job of your dreams seems almost a “mission impossible” nowadays. It does not really matter how old or how experienced you are. What really matters in a job seeking process is your readiness to occupy the position you wish and your confidence about the fact […]
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12 Money-Saving Tips For Small Businesses


Stuck on the M50 of the job market

I coined the phrase a number of years back “M50 of the job market” to describe how I viewed targeting advertised jobs in the current job market. My comparison was very evident during a radio interview this morning (Wed 19th) on Newstalk when the MD of Eirgrid revealed they received 1000 calls in one afternoon for jobs announced back in 2009.
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What In The World Is An Ultrabook?


Job Hunting – Fools don’t back horses

This article is not served to promote gambling on horse racing but instead to promote gambling/risk-taking when job hunting or in business. As Robert F. Kennedy said “only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly”
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Careers Coach – Job seekers poll

Since January I have been conducting a job seekers poll, asking them what they really would like to get from a career advice expert. I conducted my poll through LinkedIn, Poll Daddy, Facebook , my own Blog and in person. The poll results are based on the views of 100 job seekers
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