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iBeacon vs Eddystone – Which Is the Better One for Your Business?

The emergence of futuristic technologies is blurring the fine lines between the real and the digital worlds. This is even more apparent in the business arena, where technology is being increasingly deployed to enhance customer interaction. One such revolutionizing concept that is creating waves recently is Beacon Technology. In simple words, Beacons are low-power transmitters […]
February 26, 2019 1,751 Reads share
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Learn How to Attract More Customers Through iBeacon Apps

iBeacon was developed by Apple and it’s a technology that uses Bluetooth low-energy proximity sensing to transmit signals which mobile software uses to trigger their own push notifications. Apple explains how the technology works and how developers can integrate this technology into their apps to create meaningful experiences for the iOS users, both iPhones and […]
February 8, 2017 1,474 Reads share