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How To Hire Developers for Remote Work?

Having an in-house developer is very different from having a remote developer. When other companies in the market focussed on only having developers and other team members in their office premises, we decided we would also collaborate and work with remote developers. We onboarded developers from around the world because our projects needed people who […]
March 30, 2020 371 Reads share

How to Hire Developers for a Startup

The digital transformation in business has changed everything. No matter what industry you are in, technology is playing an increasing role in your business. Finding qualified people that can implement that technology, however, has never been harder. Search for software developers on Indeed.com and you will get more than 108,000 openings. On Monster.com there are 125,000 […]
December 29, 2019 206 Reads share


Do Your Employees Trust Your HR Department?

In the American TV show The Office, manager Michael Scott loathes Toby Flenderson, the mild-mannered HR representative, because he perceives Toby as stopping him from doing the things he wants to do. In real-life work environments, it’s not usually managers who believe HR is against them; it’s line workers. A 2016 Edelman study found that almost […]
January 9, 2019 883 Reads share