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DIY Investing Tools Help Companies Access New Capital

How DIY Investing Tools Help Companies Access New Capital

Do-it-yourself investing is nothing new in the retail investing space. But as technology continues to provide small-cap companies with more exposure to the layman investor, DIY has seen pronounced growth in recent years. And it’s not only the retail investor who benefits — growth-stage companies can capitalize, too. DIY investing all started about 20 years […]
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Reasons Why You Need to Insure Your Business

5 Reasons Why You Need to Insure Your Business

Whether you’ve just started up a company, or have had one for a while, you have to be insured. Do you know how important it is? If not, we’re going to let you in on a few reasons why it’s vital you have it. Even if it’s just in case. Take note of the ideas […]
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Keep Your Customers Clear of Credential Stuffing Attacks


How to Keep Your Customers Clear of Credential Stuffing Attacks

Most people are probably used to leaving Chipotle feeling stuffed, but some customers recently had a different experience. According to reports on popular social media channels, pirated user accounts were used to order food for delivery, often to several states and sometimes in quantities that cost account owners hundreds of dollars. The popular chain maintains that there […]
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Become an RMC Director


How Do You Become an RMC Director?

What you should know about becoming an RMC Director It doesn’t matter whether you have been asked to become a director or nominated yourself for the position, provided that you know exactly what it takes to become a director of a Residents Management Company (commonly known as RMC). Whatever the reason, it is important for […]
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Top 10 Finance Tips For Contractors And Freelancers

Top 10 Finance Tips For Contractors And Freelancers

Freelancing and contracting are not for the faint-hearted. It can feel like a rollercoaster, characterized by unpredictable job cycles, erratic income and a lack of a contingency plan. The situation can be quite stressful, especially when you’re just starting out. But if you’re organized, freelancing/contracting can be an immensely rewarding way to earn a living, […]
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Profit and Loss Automation


Profit and Loss Automation. Reasons and actionable Ways

Any business requires financial accounting. If you don’t have it, then you don’t know answers to the crucial questions. How much money do you spend and why? The sale of which goods/services brings you more profit? What if your business is unprofitable at all? The constant and detailed accounting of income and expenses isn’t a […]
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application investor funding


How to Impress your Investors with Your App?

As the startup era is flourishing nowadays, you must have heard from many that they have a brilliant hundred million ideas for a new startup. One of the interesting startups today is ‘mobile app’ startup. Many who create mobile apps assume that they could appeal to a large mass. Having a great app idea is […]
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Business Owner Tax Return


Importance of filing Tax Return as a Business Owner

Businesses usually get so engrossed in carrying their operations that they miss out the essentials of filing tax returns. At times, entrepreneurs are even not sure about the process that is required to be done and how much tax they owe to the government. But, you need to claim the responsibility of filling your tax […]
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How to Finance Your New Nonprofit

A nonprofit business is a tax-exempt organization intended for various purposes such as religious, charitable, artistry, literary, or educational. Although earning a profit is not the goal, starting a nonprofit organization requires funding just like any other kind of business. This means that even though they have different goals, financing a new nonprofit is similar […]
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