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5 Professional Ways to Promote Your Business in London

Like every businessman, you want to boost your business of Event Production. There are many ways for this. Using the strategies, you can market your business via social media, email marketing, networking, via search engine optimization and advertising your product by LED Walls. Consider Ways to Promote Your Business When searching for methods to advance […]
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Using Project Management Tools For Organizing Perfect Events

Events whether big or small need to be created, planned and guided effectively for their organized execution. This process of planning and managing events is known as event management. So many things need to be considered for planning and organizing an event. An event has to be managed within limited time and budget. Improved communication […]
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Master Face-To-Face Marketing: 15 Sources Of Event Management Intelligence

You may be organizing an in-house event, trade fair or seminar as part of your current Marketing Plan. Some of you may be participating in a trade show or convention as an exhibitor, sponsor or partner in the months to come. If so, tap into some great advice on how to maximize your presence and effectiveness in these face-to-face marketing opportunities. Read on to pick up on some key event tools out there.
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