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The Future Of Websites: Where Is It Headed?


Six Great Employee Hiring Ideas For The New Economy

When you decide to hire a new employee you can either decide to go it alone and hope you make the right series of decisions or you can review hiring practices that have proven effective over time. Let’s face it, in this new, emerging economy it is becoming more important to make sure that we are hiring smarter.
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Workplace bullying – Do not stand alone

Before you consider taking action, it is best to talk it over with someone. It’s always a possibility that what may seem like bullying may in fact not be. For example changes within the organization can create stress on all levels (staff, supervisors, managers etc), and so stress may be causing some short term issues and demands. If you are finding it difficult to cope, perhaps take the time to talk to your manager or supervisor, who may well be as concerned as you are. Sometimes in situations like this communication can be the way to make changes.
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Careers Coach – Job seekers poll

Since January I have been conducting a job seekers poll, asking them what they really would like to get from a career advice expert. I conducted my poll through LinkedIn, Poll Daddy, Facebook , my own Blog and in person. The poll results are based on the views of 100 job seekers
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The Sweet Refreshing and Satisfying Taste of Redundancy?

As a Career Coach I am always looking out for the latest and most creative material that will benefit my clients. So I spend a lot of time reading books and blogs from around the world. I was very excited last week when I finally received the much anticipated “Lemonade” movie in the post.
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