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How to Assess and Monitor Employee Engagement?

With an increase in the awareness of HR best practices, Senior and Mid-level managers have realized the significance of employee engagement and accepted its influence on productivity. It is the driving force that enables a workforce to work towards the company’s mission and vision. If you have begun thinking about ways to boost employee engagement, […]
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Improve your Customer Experience Through Effective Employee Engagement


Improve your Customer Experience Through Effective Employee Engagement

  Internet of Things… Social Media… Big Data… Technology is shaping this era of ‘Digital Darwinism’. Disruptive technologies have forged an irrefutable link between employee engagement and customer experience.  Today, customers have the world on their fingertips. The internet has given customers a unique identity that lets them be in command. If they don’t like […]
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7 Ways To Be A Valuable Employee At Your Company

Many companies are laying off people and are downsizing so it is imperative that you have something to offer for the company you are working for. Here are some suggestions on how to become a valuable employee for the place you are working for.
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