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10 Tips for Improving Your Resume

If you think it’s painful to create your resume, think about how painful it is for the people who read hundreds of them every year. Hiring managers have to make quick decisions based on this all-important one or two-page document. No matter what phase of your career you happen to be in, having a professional […]
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How to Manage the Most Difficult Employees


Don’t talk to me about creativity, I’ve got a business to run

When times are hard and money is tight, I hear this often. The belt-tightening process seems to automatically result in ditching the creative. It’s ironic, because when anyone starts a new business, it surely springs from a creative inspiration. So, why is it that the very thing that inspired the whole thing is seen as expendable?
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Creativity: panacea or poison pill?

Creativity is probably the most valuable quality we have. It’s our nature to be creative – otherwise we wouldn’t even be here. Once we stop being creative – in all aspects of our lives – we are literally going no-where.
January 12, 2010 1,095 Reads share