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The Difficulties Facing UK Start Ups in the Current Economic Climate

Entrepreneurs wishing to get a tech startup off the ground in the UK have to face many challenges, and many reported difficulties with funding, digital infrastructure, and support for their business. As expected, many of these startups end up failing within their first year of operation. Lack of Government Support According to Eddie Copeland, head […]
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Global Business Prospects: Why So Many Companies Are Invested In India’s Economy

India’s infrastructure will remain one of the keys to success. Transportation and telecommunications, especially, are among two of the highest priority. Without these, it is difficult for India’s economy to grow jobs, especially in the technology and manufacturing industries. Technology and call centers are two sectors which have fueled India’s explosion of growth, while manufacturing has slumped in recent years. India’s service sector, on the other hand, has been the second fastest growing service sector in the world.
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