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Why You Need a Restaurant Management System

As per a review in the USA, it is discovered that over 75% of eateries are moving or wanting to move towards innovation like stock administration, requesting applications, and installment frameworks. This is the aftereffect of the new pattern, which is always changing the market elements with the utilization of programming and equipment. Things being […]
January 6, 2020 169 Reads share
Co Retailing

What is Co-Retailing & Why You Should Go For It?

The retail sector is going through a booming phase as new technologies are making their way into the market. Retailers are trying to stay ahead in the competition by applying various new methodologies. The trends started with accepting Omni payments and went on to the application of Artificial Intelligence in Retailing. But now the latest […]
November 8, 2019 657 Reads share
5 Benefits of Having A Kitchen Display System

Kitchen Display System: 5 Key Benefits of Having in your Restaurant

Ever since the emergence of Point of Sale Systems, there have been multiple technological advancements in the offline retail sector. This includes tools such as inventory management, quick billing, and workforce management. But one feature that stands out as the best among them is the Kitchen Display System (or KDS). This is a piece of […]
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POS System For Bar & Grill

POS System for Bar & Grill Restaurant 101

Having a bar or restaurant of your own in your dream city is something you should cherish. But, managing that should be done appropriately to ensure a long and prosperous run of the same. Management of a bar and grill restaurant is not something that a normal human can do. But as the business and […]
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Restaurant POS Hardware You Should Know

Restaurant POS Hardware You Should Know About

Point Of Sale systems, since the starting of their sale, has been one of the most useful technological advancements in the retail industry.  It has provided a stable platform to automate all the manual processes in the industry, hence providing a better and more profitable business model. But many people fail to understand that not […]
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You Need A Restaurant POS

Why You Need A POS System in Your Restaurant

According to a survey in the USA, it is found that over 75% of restaurants are moving or planning to move towards technology like inventory management, ordering apps, and payment systems. This is the result of the new trend which is constantly changing the market dynamics with the use of software and hardware. So, why […]
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Cut Unwanted Cost In Restaurants

10 Ways To Cut Unwanted Cost In Restaurants

If you think opening your dream restaurant in a city of your choice was the toughest thing to do, then you are gravely mistaken. The real speed breakers lie ahead as maintaining a restaurant always pose more challenges than starting one. Many restaurant businesses fail to garner much profit even after having a decent number […]
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