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5 Tips That Will Boost Revenue Of Your E-Commerce Websites

#1. Optimize Your Website for Users Website optimization involves refining certain page elements to make it more visible and attractive to the end users – the customers. To understand the website optimization, I recommend reading the official Google SEO guide which explains each and every aspect of onsite optimization in detail. Here are some key points you […]
August 20, 2014 1,037 Reads share

5 Tips To Prevent Credit Card Fraud For Your Ecommerce Store

Selling products online is a fantastic strategy for small businesses, but there is risk when you accept credit cards. With credit card fraud running rampant, thanks to technology moving at light speed and hackers finding new algorithms to get credit card numbers, your business is at risk.
June 23, 2014 1,255 Reads share


Retail’s Rosy Outlook: Anytime, Anywhere Shopping

Making a sale is easy when you control the environment. When customers come to your store, all you have to do is wait for them to approach you with their items and then ring them out. But, what happens when you leave the store, and you're directly competing with many other merchants in close proximity to you - like at a fair or a trade show?
May 21, 2014 667 Reads share