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Why Cloud Computing Strategy Could Be Business’ Success Elixir?

Big Data, AI, and Cloud—The Big 3 and the heart of today’s Industry 4.0 age. These three technologies have inspired an explosion of new age firms disrupting every industry we can think of! Be it retail, e-commerce, construction, IT, logistics, consumer electronics, fashion, or more, the conjoined e-spear headed by the Big 3 has helped […]
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Contact Center Trends: 9 Important Trends to Watch for in 2019

  According to a market research study conducted by Grand View Research, “The global contact center software market is projected to expand at a remarkable CAGR of 15.6% and reach USD 47.77 billion by 2025.” The global contact center market growth will be driven by several key factors including cloud-based contact center services, business process […]
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It’s a Challenge to Market in the Digital World – Digital Technologies

It’s a Challenge To Market in The Digital World Digital technologies have profoundly influenced the way we interact and socialize. Millennials have shown utmost interest with emerging technologies. Forcing business entities to implement complex marketing strategies to position their brand propositions and grab the customers attention. Albeit their efforts in making use of uninterrupted visual […]
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