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How to Stay Connected to Your Customers in 2019

Staying in touch with your customers is the only surefire way to guarantee they’ll come waltzing back through your doors, but staying connected at all times is often easier said than done. Indeed, many modern businesses are effectively bankrupting themselves with fruitless efforts to stay in touch with their customers, when in reality you can […]
March 5, 2019 321 Reads share

Proven Practices for Lead Gathering and Scoring

Capturing leads that are never going to convert is a waste of time. CRM software will not just streamline and automate the process but can also make lead gathering and sourcing more focused and rewarding. Let’s see how CRM software can transform the lead gathering and lead scoring process. Changing the Lead Gathering Process Earlier, […]
December 19, 2018 403 Reads share


3 Must Have CRM Integrations

While CRM in and of itself does a myriad of things that can benefit you, you’ll also need to tie in at least three external applications to maximize results. Since your CRM is the center spoke of all customer interaction, these three CRM integrations will help you enhance what you’re already doing. #1. Email I’m […]
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What is a CRM?

By implementing a CRM system in your business, which will not only help draw clients into your business, it will also help you make informed decisions.
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Customized CRM Software Advantages

After a customer successfully makes a transaction with a retailer, it leaves the latter with a serviceable amount of information that the retailer could use to maintain rapport with the customer.
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