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3 Ways to Collect Quality Contacts Base for Blogger Outreach

You published five posts in February, zero in March, three in April. Does it sound like a proper guest blogging strategy? Well, clearly it doesn’t. The main idea of guest blogging is consistency and regularity. Since there are so many other bloggers and services, you risk being forgotten too soon because of such gaps. If […]
January 11, 2019 1,027 Reads share
Content Marketing Objectives


How To Use Different Types Of Content When Marketing Your Small Business

Content marketing is all about boosting your online presence so that potential clients can find you easily and share your information. The content in this regard can be written or visual as long as it relates to your business. Every small business owner should know how to use content marketing for promotional purposes. This strategy […]
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Easy SEO: 5 Steps To Optimize Your Blog Post On WordPress

SEO is hard. Especially as Google keeps changing the rules of the game with to find related keywords and see how much traffic and competition there is for each one. Try to find a long-tail keyword that fits your topic, is written the way your target audience would search for it, and also has good traffic. […]
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