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Top Guest Posting Trends in 2020

If your client is asking for guest posts to drive quality traffic, it is one thing that you must pay heed to right away. It would help in the client’s SEO efforts. Only an SEO professional can understand how important guest posting is today.  With quality guest posts, you can improve SEO too with regard […]
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There are more than 60 million business pages on Facebook. Do you know why it is important to pay attention to the reactions of the contents? Although it presents a difficult scenario, Facebook remains a highly relevant space for brands that develop social media marketing, as shown, according to figures shared by Brandwatch , it is known […]
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Public Relations and Content: The Yin and Yang of Marketing

  If you haven’t noticed already, content marketing has seen a steady increase in popularity in recent years. And, there is a good reason for that. Conventional forms of marketing, the ones you might call “in your face” tactics, can’t cut it anymore. Therefore, content marketing is skyrocketing like never before! More people are investing […]
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How to Assess, Understand, and Maximize the Value of Your Content

If you’re like most marketers, you probably understand that content is key to your efforts to drive awareness, leads, and results. But just how valuable is it? This is more than an arbitrary question – it impacts the way you talk to your clients, the way you structure your marketing strategy, and the way you […]
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Content Marketing Objectives


5 Design Mistakes That Ruin Your Content

We’ve seen design emerging as an essential element of our culture in the recent years. Visual storytelling has become a must for many online marketers because of the massive impact of social media and ever-changing web design. It also forces online businesses to take their content quality to the next level, which, of course, involves […]
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8 Content Marketing Tips Every Marketer Needs to Know

You can love it. You can hate it but if you are a marketer you can’t ignore content marketing. Believe it or not, content marketing is the new-age marketing that has taken the content and marketing world by a storm. A research from the Content Marketing Institute indicated that having a content strategy is one […]
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8 Most Important Content Marketing Rules for Startups

By using the following eight important content marketing rules for startups, you can attract the attention of the marketplace in ways that will build authority in your industry and attract relevant leads, prospects and customers for your new venture.
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