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Cloud Computing in Healthcare Systems: Is It Worth the Switch?

Cloud computing has gained a great deal of momentum in almost every business niche, ranging from large enterprises to medium-sized to small-sized businesses. Contrary to the outdated desktop-based software where the access is limited, the concept of cloud computing promises on-demand network access, better security, and enhanced productivity. An average enterprise uses 1,427 distinct cloud […]
July 23, 2020 413 Reads share

Why Are People Going Crazy Over Cloud Computing Solutions?

Cloud computing is becoming more and more eminent for businesses. It is turning out to be a top preference for companies because of a lot of reasons. Especially, during this time of our existence, when we are mostly working remotely, the significance of cloud computing has become quite noteworthy. The adoption rate has grown beyond […]
April 22, 2020 539 Reads share

Graphcore’s IPU Architecture Allows AI Chips to Enter a New Era

Graphcore aims to revolutionize the AI chip market, by investing in a new IPU architecture and the world’s first software toolchain designed specifically for machine intelligence. Conventional Artificial Intelligence (AI) chips feature a traditional GPU architecture, which was originally developed for graphics rendering purposes. The reason why chips with such architecture functions in simulating intelligence […]
April 17, 2019 1,558 Reads share


Why You Must Backup for Your SaaS Data

Cybersecurity is an important consideration for modern businesses and is even forcing some non-tech businesses to think more like the giants in Silicon Valley. A data breach can cost a lot of money in fines, legal fees, and lost business. When most people consider cybersecurity, they take a proactive approach and focus on prevention. However, it’s […]
March 21, 2019 1,467 Reads share

How Cloud Telephony Can Help Your Business in 2019 ?

Cloud technology has gained more popularity over the business environment and is growing exponentially. For many businesses, voice communication is an essential part of handling with clients and vendors. Voice communication has more potential than other communications and can make or break a deal. When it comes to CRM, voice plays a vital role and […]
January 2, 2019 1,103 Reads share