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The Growing Demand for Nurses in a Variety of Roles and Settings

There is a nursing shortage with no end in sight; nurses are becoming some of the most sought-after professionals in today’s job market. Many people get into the nursing field because they want to make a difference. However, sometimes the careers we choose don’t always pan out the way we think they will. Other times, […]
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Why Career Evolution Is The Only Skill You Really Need

I work with a number of clients who continually ask me – what’s next? Sort of reminds me of Bugs Bunny asking: “What’s Up Doc?” I usually respond with a question – seems fair since my clients are catching on that I’m the guy with questions. The question usually reflects the constancy of change in our environment and how career evolution becomes important to accommodate that change.
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10 Career In Transition Mistakes That Make You Look Dumb

In my job placement business these days we see an increasing number of applicants who are facing a career in transition in their professional career. Their long-time job has disappeared, perhaps their employer went out of business, their job was deemed unnecessary with advances in technology, or perhaps their employer did not have the resources to bring them back from a layoff.
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Careers Coach – Job seekers poll

Since January I have been conducting a job seekers poll, asking them what they really would like to get from a career advice expert. I conducted my poll through LinkedIn, Poll Daddy, Facebook , my own Blog and in person. The poll results are based on the views of 100 job seekers
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New Year’s Revolution

I have decided that New Year’s Resolutions are out this year. In these challenging times I have decided to launch a New Year’s Revolution this year. Christmas is truly a super time to reflect and celebrate the successes of 2009. But now the presents have been handed out, the turkey eaten and mince pies are no more, I turn my attention to 2010.
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