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Are you away with the birds?

Are you a Crow or Magpie - big in size but the slightest movement will scare you off forever more? Are you a Blackbird - spending all your time obsessed with wooing the ladies and staving off a single competitor?
March 16, 2010 679 Reads share


Setting Our Sights High Enough

For most people, this question is a hard one. Firstly, because we usually want both: more money and more time off. And secondly, whether we plan it this way or not...
March 4, 2010 577 Reads share


Will you Marry me?

So back to the point above, why is it so difficult to ask someone to become your partner in life? Well, what if I was to ask why could it be so difficult to ask someone for their business?
February 25, 2010 622 Reads share


The Invisible Tangle

There are many obstacles that prevent us from progressing in business and some are fairly obvious: Time, Money, Support, Energy...
February 19, 2010 624 Reads share


A Holiday? Are You Mad?

Holidays/Vacations are an important aspect to our working lives, yet many choose not to go on them to the detriment of themselves and their businesses.
January 27, 2010 688 Reads share