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Business Networking And Culture Clash

Did you see this article about how the Irish need to do less chit-chat and more "networking? It got me wondering about culture and doing business globally as well as within our local regions. Is this simply a clash of business cultures?
December 9, 2010 1,561 Reads share


The Mindset Of An Entrepreneur

Becoming self employed after being in employment is not an easy task, by any standards, but if I had to say ONLY one thing… if you have a dream, the energy, the FIRE, to create something and make money from it...
December 2, 2010 982 Reads share


Networking To Make A Difference

What a pointless exercise: going to a network event to sell your brand, business or latest product, when everyone is there to do exactly the same thing. There is nothing more frustrating than coming home with 28 busines cards...
October 22, 2010 1,344 Reads share


Not in Competition

In order to be Amazing in our business maybe we should concentrate on being the best we can be, providing outstanding service to our customers rather than being obsessed about what our competitors are doing...
September 6, 2010 1,349 Reads share


Switch On Your Amazing Power

Working for yourself. It all started as a dream, a vision, an inspiration, didn’t it? Freedom from office politics, other people’s agendas, the 9-to-5 routine (that seemed to somehow become a 9-to-9 routine). So, what have you achieved?
September 3, 2010 1,049 Reads share


How Can I Look Amazing On LinkedIn?

As I referred to on a previous post (LinkedIn? Locked Out More Like) many people join LinkedIn because they have heard it is an important place to be as a business professional...
September 2, 2010 1,692 Reads share