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Why And How Management Is Like Marketing

As technology continuously evolves and becomes more accessible, customers have become more informed and more demanding. This means that projects have also become more complex — and team management more difficult. While an astounding While both are important aspects of every business, marketing and management aren’t really the same — but they are no apples […]
September 22, 2014 1,365 Reads share


6 Ways An Excel Spreadsheet Can Help Your Freelance Writing Business

This may come of as a surprise, but I'm NOT about to discuss using Excel for budgeting, estimating rates or any other stuff related to your finances as a freelancer. I think that you've got that part pretty figured out. This post, therefore, is going to be a little different. I promise to make the list much less obvious and also really handy at the same time.
July 23, 2013 1,447 Reads share