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How Visuals Influence Brand Authenticity

People are visual creatures. Our eyes (retina) transmit data to our brain at the speed of 10 million bits per second, and they only select a few that will be remembered and paid attention to. This bit of information is crucial for brands. Not only does this give them more incentive to stand out visually […]
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Ultimate Guide to Conduct Market Research

What is Market Research? Data defined as information or knowledge converts into a more useful or comprehensible form of reasoning or calculation. Such a gathering of data across sources for product and business is called market research. It links producers, customers, and end-users to marketers to identify and define marketing opportunities It could be for […]
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Music Industry Marketing Campaigns

Marketing Campaigns In The Music Industry

The importance of an innovative marketing campaign to assist the distribution of an artist’s product cannot be overlooked. In an industry that is not only extremely competitive but full of an abundance of creative minds also, a marketing campaign that grasps the mind of its intended audience and resonates with them is vital. Whether a […]
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How Marketing Strategies Help to Fuel Your Business Growth

How Marketing Strategies Help to Fuel Your Business Growth

“If you form a strategy without research, your brand will barely float, and at speed, industries move at today, brands sink fast?”–  Ryan Holmes It is competent from the above quote that following the right practices consistently is the key to long term success.   Undoubtedly, growing a business is not an easy job to execute. […]
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How to Create a Successful Brand Promotion Strategy


How to Create a Successful Brand Promotion Strategy

Building a successful brand isn’t easy. Even with a great product, you still need a proper brand promotion strategy to reach your target audience. Many people assume that branding is solely concerned with creating an engaging logo, appealing website, or building a solid product. However, branding doesn’t just include one element. Instead, it is a […]
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Top Ten Publicists In NYC

Top Ten Publicist In NYC Impacting Marketing

Do I need a publicist?  If you have a brand, then what is a brand without publicity? Brands hardly seize the limelight by mere chance; look carefully, there is always some professional behind the scenes. However, since you are reading this, I assume you are because you have that you do need a publicist. New […]
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Psychology of Color in Branding


Psychology of Color in Branding

Humans are visual creatures, they demand sights and views and the receptivity of these no doubt are regulated by colors. They dictate how we receive emotions and form perceptions. Colors play with the brain’s emotion sensors in a way that it may call for attention, swirling emotions, give relief or tap into nostalgia. These colors […]
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Controlling Your Marketing Message

Protect Your Image by Controlling Your Marketing Message

Every organization, no matter the size, must diligently protect its message and reputation. By that, I mean the way that people interpret and remember the impression the organization makes in its product, service, and communications. For nearly every product you’ve used or experienced, you can probably remember something specific about it. Maybe it was the […]
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real estate branding

4 Effective Branding Tips to Attract Real Estate Business

In real estate business, if you manage to stand out from the crowd, you get half of your work done. The real estate market has been through some wild gyrations over the past decade. Not to mention, the competition has gotten more stringent than ever before. Amidst this cut-throat competition, if you really want your […]
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