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Digital Identity Race Winners

Who’s Winning The Race For Digital Identity?

Following the explosion in decentralized technology, digital identity has emerged one of the most promising solutions to some of our most pressing issues of the digital age. Digital credentials could enable secure identity verification, reduce fraud, foster financial inclusion, and streamline online transactions. By potentially bringing millions of people into the digital economy, it could […]
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Enterprises are Leveraging the Potential of Blockchain


How Enterprises are Leveraging the Potential of Blockchain?

Blockchain has been a breakthrough technology that has sparked innovation in the industrial sector. As per the stats goes for last year, 95% of companies across different industries were investing in blockchain tech projects. The shift has been transitional and there has been a massive adoption since last year to 2019 where the pilot projects […]
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Kickstart your Blockchain Career

Kickstart your Blockchain Career: Earn a Blockchain Certification Today

Blockchain can’t be ignored anymore. The IT job market is rippling with a growing demand for this new age technology. Blockchain never stops to evolve. Technological marvels are created every now and then and, it has left us enthralled through boundless imagination and wonders of its performance. Blockchain technology, an invention made by ingenious brainiacs, […]
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Blockchain in Agriculture

Blockchain in Agriculture: Why and How We Should Use It?

We always deserve the best. The best in education, business, health care and even in the grocery store. Thanks to advancements in the agriculture industry, we always have fresh fruits and vegetables, goats, dairy products and meat to lead healthy and delicious lives. But have you ever wondered how healthy the food we’re buying is? […]
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How Blockchain Will Revolutionize Digital Marketing

It’s impossible to escape the immense chatter surrounding blockchain, and for good reason; of all the recent innovations that have upended established ways of doing business recently, blockchain takes the cake as being the most important. Savvy analysts are finally beginning to realize that the meaningful applications of blockchain could be endless, especially as it […]
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How Startups Can Use Blockchain Technology in Novel Ways

Are you a startup exploring benefits of blockchain technology? Then, this article is a perfect read for you!   We all know that it all has started from the buzz created by cryptocurrency, its volatility and its predictions of having a bright future. However, the technology behind these tokens, i.e. blockchain technology, has far more […]
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The Potential of Augmented Reality Marketing

The marketing industry has undergone dramatic changes with the influx of technology in recent years, but none has had such an impact on the industry as the blockchain. According to a report published in July 2018 by MarketsandMarkets Research, the implementation of blockchain technology in the media, advertising, and entertainment industries is anticipated to rise […]
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Medical Record Retrieval Services Electronic Heath Records

The technology alone won’t fix patient ID issues but it can bring some of the data accessibility, interoperability, integrity and security hospitals need. The white paper “Blockchain for Dummies” by Manav Gupta says, “Blockchain is a shared, distributed ledger that facilitates the process of recording transactions and tracking assets in a business network. Virtually anything of […]
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How Blockchain is Shaping the Future of Ecommerce Industry

Blockchain is a powerful technology, so powerful that a highly popular alternative currency is based on this technology. Rapidly, before the governments throughout the world came into action to regulate the currency, Bitcoin has already become a tender, used according to the agreement between parties. Even that regulatory authorities have come into action, Bitcoin is […]
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Initial Coin Offering ICO


6 Initial Coin Offering (ICO) PR Tips from the Pros

The cryptocurrency industry is becoming increasingly popular. As such, it is easy to see why new ICOs are now appearing on a daily basis. Therefore, to make your ICO project unique, build an effective PR hype strategy. Otherwise, your project could end up losing itself among the several initial coin offering startups available. Would you […]
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