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Advanced Smart Robots ease Human Efforts

Advanced Smart Robots: The key to ease Human Efforts & Boost Productivity

Rapid innovations in smart robotics providing high potential and different features are proving to be useful in decreasing human efforts and improving productivity. Artificial Intelligence (AI) system used in smart robots has helped the robots to learn from its environment and its experience. In the future, the collaboration of robots and humans could be helpful […]
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Technology Innovations Impacting Photo Editing Software

5 Technology Innovations Impacting Photo Editing Software

Almost all emerging technologies today are disruptive in some way. As regards photo editing software though, there are technologies that have truly transformed what used to be held as traditional. This article examines how the advent of smartphones, social media facial recognition, artificial intelligence, and even virtual reality has impacted photo editing.  Smart Mobile Devices  […]
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Applied Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Diagnosis

If you follow the emergence of Artificial Intelligence in your daily routine, its applications in the field of healthcare should not stun you. If technology today drives cars as well as comprehends human language, it is all due to AI. In fact, machine-human conversation without human intervention is a remarkable feature of AI. Its applications […]
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