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Financial Adviser or Accountant

What Do You Need, A Financial Adviser or an Accountant?

Pixabay   An accountant or a certified public accountant and a financial adviser are very important when it comes in managing finances. For money matters, these two professionals are the best choice to help you out. Did you know that there are many virtual personal assistant services online that offers accounting and financial planning? They […]
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Employment Intermediary Rules


The Workings Of Employment Intermediary Rules

Are you impacted by the employment intermediary rules and what to do if you are? The legislation covering the employment intermediary rules was introduced to track and clamp down on the employees that slip through the tax net by disguising themselves as self-employed when they are actually providing services to the firm. The rules were […]
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UK Gov Big Projects


UK Gov’s Big Projects Under Threat

Concerns over UK.Gov’s Big IT Projects HMRC’s flagship programs such as ‘Making Tax Digital’ and ‘Customs Declaration Service’ along with a list of other IT projects are in danger. According to the Annual report presented by the Infrastructure Projects Authority (IPA), the authority highlighted nine government (ICT) projects that are raising doubts on their successful […]
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Proposed Changes 2020 Finance Bill

Changes Proposed For The 2020 Finance Bill – Are You Prepared?

Potential tax changes proposed for the 2020 finance bill and their impact on you or your business The Government of UK is working on a number of proposed changes that might come into effect from either the 1st or the 6th of April 2020, however, there is a good chance that the commencement date of […]
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6 Things to Consider When Hiring an Accountant for Your Small Business

Is your small business at a place where you’re considering hiring the help of a bookkeeper for your accounting? That’s great – this is a big step in ensuring your small business will be financially healthy. A professional accountant can accomplish many things that might be hard for you to do with only basic financial […]
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Don’t Delay Or You May Pay!

These tips can help to get your accounts finished quickly before the return date. Therefore saving your Accountant time and hopefully saving you some money.
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Are Your Accounts An Alien To You?

Is your New Years Resolution not to leave your accounts until last minute this year? Here are some tips to make your life easier facing your accounting through the year and making it less of a chore. Hopefully saving you some Accountancy costs too...
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