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Coin Sorter Buying Guide

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When you are searching for the best coin sorter, you have to look for functionality and durability over everything else. Coin sorters aren’t the prettiest of machines, but they get the job done and are very efficient. These devices count coins at rapid speeds and help reduce the time it takes for you to manage loose change. To buy the right coin sorter that works for your needs, you can learn more about what features to look for.


Coin Sorter Buying Guide

You might go for the cheapest coin sorter to get a good deal or the most expensive one, assuming that a higher price means better quality. Rather, you should consider specifications that prove that they are worth purchasing.

You Need Long-Lasting Dependability

Your coin sorter needs to be reliable. This is because it will be dealing with heavy metal coins for extended periods of time, which means that it has to be built with durability in mind. These machines are made with a lot of moving parts, and there is a chance that they can break down regularly if they are not high-quality. To save yourself the pain, get a machine that is built well.

You May Want a Wrapping Machine

You may want a machine that also wraps the coins it counts. This will help you save additional time so that you or your staff don’t need to wrap coins after they’ve been counted. However, take into consideration that this may require additional attention to the machine, as having a feature like this means extra maintenance. You will have to select a machine that has a well-built wrapping device.

The Capacity of the Coin Machine

Depending on your needs, you may want a coin counter that manages a high volume of coins per day or only small batches per day. Some coin counters can accommodate 3,000 or more coins at a time. Others may only be limited to 500 coins maximum. The number of coins you need to manage per day will direct your buying choices, as you may pick a high-capacity or low-capacity machine depending on your cash flow volume.

The Speed of the Counter

If you require a higher input of coins, you will need a high-speed counter. If you only have small batches, then the speed may not matter so much. This is because a small batch can be counted slightly slower with no delay in your workflow productivity. A high volume of coins will demand higher speeds to keep up with the large input. This will prevent your business processes from being slowed down, especially during busy seasons. If you are worried about errors, a high-speed counter can quickly go through your coins twice to double-check. One thing to consider is that a speedier coin counter will require a higher level of electric power.

Display and Design

You may or may not need the coin counter to display the numbers on the screen. According to Accubanker.com, coin counters can display a grand total by denomination. This allows you to review the progress of the coin counter. This is especially useful for double-checking accuracy, where you can write down the amount it has processed. The design of the coin counter can vary, as some may have adjustable diameters for different currencies. This is great for international coins that don’t have the same size coin as your country’s currency. Other coin counters include automatic sorting trays for individual coins. Some can have a rejection tray that helps you count larger coins that don’t fit into the coin counter’s recognition system.


Who Uses Coin Sorters?

If you’re wondering what businesses —other than yours or you probably wouldn’t be reading this article — use coin sorters, the answer may be more obvious than you think. Any business that accepts a large amount of cash will accumulate change. When that change accrues to the tune of hundreds of dollars per week, a coin sorter starts to sound like a good idea. With this in mind, banks and casinos are not alone in their need for coin sorters. Retailers, restaurants, and vendors also often invest in cost effective coin sorters.


Next Steps for Selecting a Coin Sorter

You should review what your business needs are, decide on the types of features you need, and make a list of your must-haves for a coin counting machine. You may be dealing with international currency from tourists or foreigners. However, if that isn’t the case, then you can pick a counter that only includes your country’s currency. Your business may not use very much change during customer purchases, and for that reason, you can pick a low-capacity coin sorter. If you are constantly working with change and have a high volume of purchases, a high-speed counter is your best bet. You can learn more about coin counters from experts in the coin sorter supply industry.

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